I began working with a trainer at Personally Fit twice a week in October of 2007.  When I heard about Adventure Boot Camp I was excited because I wasn’t finding the time to do the cardio my trainer wanted me to do in addition to my training sessions.  Even though there are alternate times available, the 5:30 AM class is perfect for me because if I don’t get it done early, it will never get done.  I’ve been hooked ever since I attended the first boot camp in June of 2008.  I’m afraid to miss a camp because I know I’ll miss something new since Chris has a different workout for us everyday. I love the atmosphere at Personally Fit and all the trainers, especially my trainer, Chris Hill.  I also enjoy meeting and making new friends with the ladies at boot camp. Another great benefit is receiving the nutrition information that Chris has for the clients of Personally Fit and Adventure Boot Camp. I feel that he has done the research and only recommends products he knows are the best. I feel my physical and mental health has greatly improved over the last 2 ½ years because of the guidance I have received from Chris.  I wish I would have done this for myself many years ago, but I am glad I am able to reap the benefits now.

-Lisa Allen



Personal Training

Personally Fit by Chris Hill Inc. is a semi-private fitness facility dedicated to one-on-one, one-on-two, and small group personal training.


Monthly memberships are also available to those who have done a series of sessions with one of our personal trainers.


The goal at Personally Fit is to offer a clean, private, professional environment unlike any other in Longview. The, 4,200 square foot facility holds only top-of-the-line Body Masters weight training equipment.


The staff is very knowledgeable holding advanced degrees in several different areas such as Biology, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, and Exercise Science. These combined resources make Personally Fit more than well equipped to help our clients reach their individual fitness goals.


Chris Hill has challenged his staff to make each and every training session tailored to not only push the client to limits they would never achieve alone, but also to be educational in areas like nutrition. To truly transform your body it takes more than exercise. 


Each personal training client goes through a comprehensive evaluation resulting in an individual exercise prescription designed specifically for his or her goals.


The staff begins to build an honest relationship with each client letting each know they are not alone whether the goal is to lose weight, to gain weight, or just to achieve a better level of overall fitness. You will be provided the road map to success, and with your trainer and a team effort attitude you will be successful.


Our Mission Statement at Personally Fit is…


To provide the public with the most knowledgeable and motivating personal trainers in the East Texas area using the latest techniques in the personal training industry to produce positive change in our clients, while obtaining a higher standard of professionalism in the process.


Program and Fees…


Total Transformation Package

1-on-1 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $50.00

30 Min. Sessions – $27.50


1-on-2 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $30 per person


1-on-3 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $25 per person


Total Transformation Package includes:


  • 1 evaluation and 49 training sessions
  • 42 day "Stick with It" program done by email
  • 20% off of the 8 and 12 week Rapid Results Nutrition Programs
  • Family gym membership for $27.10 a month. (Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.)
  •  Personally Fit’s weekly email  packed full of useful tips and information


Body Back Package


1-on-1 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $55

30 Min. Sessions – $30


1-on-2 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $35 per person


1-on-3 Training


1 Hour Sessions – $30.00 per person


Gold Package includes:


  • 1 evaluation and 23 training sessions
  • 21 day "Jump Start Your Fitness" accountability program done by email
  • Personally Fit’s weekly email  packed full of useful tips and  information
  • 10% off of the 8 and 12 week Rapid Results Nutrition Programs

Intro To Fit Package


1-on-1 Training


1 hour sessions- $60.00

30 minute sessions- $35.00


1-on-2 Training


1 hour sessions- $40.00 per person


1-on-3 Training


1 hour sessions- $35.00 per person


Intro To Fit Package includes:

  • 12 sessions(Eval included)
  • · Personally Fit’s weekly email  packed full of useful tips and information


Several payment options are available for all packages.


New!     Online Training Programs and Fees!


We are excite to offer our services outside of the East Texas Area! 


Online training programs will include two weekly phone/zoom meetings, 3 workouts per week, initial evaluation & set up, monthly assessment, individual nutrition guidelines  and more! All workout programs will be delivered via word documents. Simply open your email and view your workout right from your phone. 


30 Day Reset Program: $349


60 Day Body Back Program: $449


90 Day Total Transformation: $949


To schedule your inital consultation please call (903)240-6207