Tarisha is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and yoga instructor. She is  also a recovering addict and mother of 3 who struggled for years to lose weight and gain control of her health. In 2016, she weighed 200 lbs.  She decided to make some changes to her diet and by January 2017, weighed 165 lbs. She went to work as the housekeeper at a gym to become comfortable in that atmosphere and with the equipment. Two men that worked the front desk saw her, saw her potential.  She is  forever grateful for those two because hey taught her that she had the power to change so many things she  thought she was powerless over.

In 2018 after teaching at the gym, she became an instructor at Kilgore College and led chair yoga, power yoga and barre. In addition to teaching yoga, she  became a personal trainer  in October 2020 & has been training clients ever since. Fitness has completely transformed her life in every way.