I began working with a trainer at Personally Fit twice a week in October of 2007.  When I heard about Adventure Boot Camp I was excited because I wasn’t finding the time to do the cardio my trainer wanted me to do in addition to my training sessions.  Even though there are alternate times available, the 5:30 AM class is perfect for me because if I don’t get it done early, it will never get done.  I’ve been hooked ever since I attended the first boot camp in June of 2008.  I’m afraid to miss a camp because I know I’ll miss something new since Chris has a different workout for us everyday. I love the atmosphere at Personally Fit and all the trainers, especially my trainer, Chris Hill.  I also enjoy meeting and making new friends with the ladies at boot camp. Another great benefit is receiving the nutrition information that Chris has for the clients of Personally Fit and Adventure Boot Camp. I feel that he has done the research and only recommends products he knows are the best. I feel my physical and mental health has greatly improved over the last 2 ½ years because of the guidance I have received from Chris.  I wish I would have done this for myself many years ago, but I am glad I am able to reap the benefits now.

-Lisa Allen




Although supplements are a vital part of our nutrition programs they are not intended to treat or cure. They are simply used as an insurance policy to fill in gaps in our nutrition.

Below you will find the links to three different supplement companies. I use these particular companies due to the fact their products have been through rigourous testing, I have personally used them, and my clients have used them for years and received fantastic results. Each company has valid research on their products and I can stand behind each product. 


Shaklee Products

Jaylab Pro Nutrition


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