You can TRANSFORM your body and your mind by being a part of this online community. With consistent weekly exercise programs, an online support system and 24/7 access to Chris you can get that lean, energetic body you have always wanted!

A Few Benefits

  • Lose Weight
  • Increase Muscle Tone
  • Improve Energy

Workout plans designed for busy people that provide REAL RESULTS!

Affordable Monthly Rate

$27.00/ month


  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to get fit?
  • Are you frustrated by consistently feeling “stuck” at the same level?
  • Have you settled for “the age” card?
  • Is starving periodically throughout the year to lose a few pounds here and there a “go to” practice?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and that time for yourself is not a priority at this stage in life?
  • Are you constantly confused by the barrage of information, misinformation, lies by so called “experts” in the fitness industry?
  • Is eating healthy, exercising, and being a good mom/wife a constant struggle ?
  • Is your time in short supply – I got it!

There are solutions to your frustrations.

Chris Hill’s Coaching is designed for ladies like you who are busy, don’t have time for 10 hours a week in the gym but need to do something. You’re not a genetic freak who can look “beach ready” no matter what you eat or how you train.

For 17 years, I have been training the “average” stay at home mom/busy professional with “average” genetics.

But with far from “average” results!!

Getting Your Life/Health Back is Possible!



No Gimmicks, No Tricks, Just Science Backed

Nutrition & Training With SMART Programming.

With the right approach, you can make consistent change throughout the year and avoid the “yo-yo” effect.

With the proper nutrition and exercise programming, you can actually start to feel like yourself again and look like you exercise.

Your clothes will fit better, your energy will soar, and you will be the person your family once knew. No matter what your age, you can transform your body and the best part is you don’t have to spend your entire life in the gym.

Chris’ Coaching Club - What’s Included

Brand New Workouts Every Week

Each week you’ll receive brand new workouts that I have used with my personal training clients over the past 17 years to Transform their bodies.

The workouts will be built around science backed principals, not just random exercise sessions you find at a local bootcamp.

The workouts will change every week to ensure you are always progressing, you avoid overuse injuries and you stay motivated with never being bored because you have to do the same old routine week after week.

You come into each week ready for your workouts, fresh & motivated. These programs will be scalable for all fitness levels.

Nutrition is 80% of your success!

I will share healthy recipes per week along with a science based nutrition plan that continues to Transform my clients today. The nutrition plan will teach you how to lose the body fat, bust through plateaus, and maintain your results once you hit your goal.

Direct Access To Me - Chris Hill

Within a few days of joining the club, you’ll be given access to our Private Facebook Group. I’ll be interacting and answering questions on a daily basis. I can help you customize your plan around your life.

Unlike most of the so-called “experts” online, I’m not a self-proclaimed “expert” because I threw up some cheap web page with an e-book I didn’t even write.

I’ve been in the trenches for 17 years working with clients just like you.

My methods are built on 17 years of real world experience with real people, in a real gym.

You’ll be a Part of Something Supportive

Real people with real lives and real struggles. We’ll all be working together to achieve the same goals.

-More confidence – More Strength – Better health – Greater quality of life through better fitness

You’ll learn from me, but also from those following the same plan you are. You’ll find that your challenges are not unique to you. Others will have shared experiences and valuable insight on how to balance training with life, stay motivated and disciplined, and overcome obstacles to success.

Trolls and Whiners will be asked to leave. It’s all positive here.

Recap Of Chris’s Coaching

  • “Done for you programming” No details spared
  • 1 Body Transforming Workout delivered to your inbox every week
  • Weekly Health Recipes
  • Tried & Proven Nutrition Programming
  • Flexible Exercise Strategies With a Busy Life
  • All Workouts can be done in less than an hour
  • Appropriate for any Age/Fitness Level
  • Membership into Private Facebook Group
  • Cancel Membership at Anytime. No contract. No risk!