Longview Nutrition: Rapid Results Nutrition Program

Our Rapid Results Nutrition Program uses an online program that teaches you exactly how to eat for your goals. The program, with Chris’ help designs a tailored, calorie specific plan that you can customize for your lifestyle.

You will. . .

  • Learn to make healthy eating a lifestyle
  • Receive personalized meal plans designed by a registered dietitian
  • Receive meal plans which can be adapted to fit many types of special situations
  • Have accountability through your follow up appointments every two weeks
  • Lose weight and body fat while eating real food

Our Packages



1 Time Consultation

  • 1 Initial consultation and 1 follow up


8 Week Consultation

  • 1 Initial consultation and 6 follow ups


Per Month

Keep it Off Program

  • This is only for those who have finished an 8 or 12 week nutrition consultation. After you finish your 8 or 12 week package, you can sign up for this program for a minimum of 6 months and continue to come in for a check-in every month for only $30 a visit.

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