Debbie Kraus

Debbie Kraus

Debbie joined PF’s evening Tribe Bootcamp in March with her trainer, Tracy Graham. 

Debbie states, “I want to share a milestone that Tracy has helped me accomplish, and that I thought I’d never be able to reach.

After my illness, my doctor said I would never regain strength in my legs.  Walking up and down stairs was especially hard.  We went camping this weekend, and walking up and down the stairs into the camper is nothing for me now!  Thank you so much for helping me get back to myself.  I’m not completely there yet, but I know you will get me there!  I love you for helping me so much!”

Her trainer Tracy responded, “It is important to note that personal training isn’t just about numbers (fat loss/muscle gain).  It is about helping people gain strength and get to a fitness level in which they can enjoy life!  Thank you, Debbie for working hard and sharing your success.  Fantastic Job!”

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