Cindy Patterson

Cindy Patterson

Cindy has been working out at Personally Fit for over 10 years. Cindy has been one of the most consistent clients we have ever had walk through our doors. She shows up for our classes, shows up early and puts in the work needed to reach goals!

Cindy has recently joined our F.A.T Method program and has reached goals she has never reached while working at Personally Fit. Cindy reached a weight she has never been at Personally Fit. Cindy is always engaged in every program, every challenge, and all the things at Personally Fit she signs up for.

Cindy has been able to release over 24 pounds of fat off her body since April of last year.

Through consistency and hard work, Cindy continues to reach goals year after year. Because of her dedication, she has won the honor of May’s Client of the Month!

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